At Group1217 we do not limit ourselves.  We want to explore the realm of film-making and deliver truly captivating and original stories to an audience.

Listed below are the projects we are currently working on or have recently wrapped.

3 Solitude (Pre-production) A dark psychological thriller starring Jason James Richter (Free Willy), Peter Greene (Pulp Fiction) and more.

The Stranger (in-development) A post-apocalyptic fairy tale.  Riding the lines between ‘Sin City’ and ‘City of Angeles’.

The Big M (in-development) A cartoon series based off the children’s book, and comic book of the same name.  Created by 11 yr old Kaleb Brown.

• Unfiltered (short) (completed) featuring actors Kim Rhodes (Supernatural, Suit Life with Zack and Cody) and Mike Kersey (Dexter, NCIS).  produced with Happa Films.

Daisy (short) (completed) featuring actors Devin Coffin (Disciples), Kelsey Webber (Snow White: A Deadly Summer) and Shannon Lark (Lipstick and the founder of the Viscera Film Festival).  Daisy was produced in association with Jade Olsen Films and Momo Keen Productions.