Jesse Kozel

Jesse Kozel began his career as an Actor, which sparked his interest in all things involved with filmmaking.   This has led to his producing interests and in the past few years he has produced feature films and the short films Candy. and The Couch while working along side StarFruit Productions.

Candy. was honored by the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Foundation in New York City, as part of their 2011 short film showcase.  The film has also played at selected film festivals including the Viscera Film Festival world tour and recently the Writers Guild of America honored Candy as part of it’s Lady Filmmaker Festival.

Candy. brought Sage Hall a Best Director award at the Underground Film Festival and Jesse received a Best Actor in a Short Film nomination in 2010 as well.

Jesse is currently working on projects in both production and acting.  He is helping to form the next wave of innovative and creative thinking within the entertainment industry.   He is currently helping to develop the feature films 3 Solitude and Kazu, the web series Get Hot & Solitude, the short films The Philosophy of Milk and Candy. Second Helping, as well as the Cartoon series of the Big M.

Moving forward, Jesse has broadened his interests in film and new media, realizing that there is a larger audience to be acquired with the ever growing social networking scene.

We are in an “instant” world, everything must be easily accessible and easily retrievable.  As an independent producer, I understand that an audience desires intelligent media and above all, they want to see things that have not been spoon fed to them. You can not underestimate the audience. As an avid media consumer, I will not give myself over to anything that does not intrigue or stimulate me. This alone is the reason why I can not bring myself to create anything for an audience that I would not watch time and time again.